Beneath the Guarding Stars is coming soon

Hope is strong Beneath the Guarding Stars

Beneath the Guarding Stars, the sequel to Fear My Mortality, is coming soon. I’m hoping for an October release with specific date coming soon.

It continues Ava and Michael’s story from the moment we left them. Here’s a short excerpt…

Seth’s eyes and the set of his jawline and his hands told me that this moment wasn’t about dance—it was about whether or not I was accepted into a group that didn’t accept just anybody. He pulled me close to him in a final move that saw me leaning backward, one leg extended. My old dance teacher’s voice rang in my mind. “Perfect lines,” she’d sing with a clap of her hands—the closest she’d get to a compliment.

Except that this boy didn’t want me here, and his arms didn’t tingle with the energy of the only boy I trusted, and the last time I danced I was spiraling through a room full of covert operatives holding mortality weapons. I froze and my hesitation was all that Seth needed to lean in close, pressing me up against him, his mouth at my ear, a whisper on his lips. “I guess you do know how to dance.”

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