A Shiver of Blue ❄️?❄️

My stand-alone novel, A Shiver of Blue, is now out in the world.

A Shiver of Blue, Everly Frost, YA books, YA fiction, YA horror books

I started writing this book when I was 14 years old, scribbling on bits of paper, and I finished it after it stayed with me all this time. It’s a change of pace for me, subtle and spooky, probably the closest to literary fiction I’ll write.

A Shiver of Blue, Everly Frost, fantastic YA fiction, YA gothic romance, literary fictionIt’s very different to the Mortality series where Ava is driven to fight for her freedom, while Caroline in A Shiver of Blue is an unreliable narrator whose world is dictated by the people around her. I loved weaving her story.❄️??

Now available on iTunes, Kobo, and Kindle.

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