Assassin’s Menace in the Shadows and Sorcery Boxset

I’m very excited to be exclusively releasing Assassin’s Menace, the companion story for the Assassin’s Magic series, in the Shadows and Sorcery boxset.

Cain Carter is one of the male leads in Assassin’s Magic and I just had to give him his own story. Assassin’s Menace can be read as a standalone or as Book 2.5 of the Assassin’s Magic series.

Everly Frost, Assassin's Menace, Assassin's Magic, fantasy fiction, urban fantasy, young adult books, YA
Assassin’s Magic 2.5: Assassin’s Menace
in Shadows and Sorcery

Never step between an assassin and his prey…

Nobody would suspect curvy, blonde bookworm Grace Kennedy of being a cold-blooded killer. She just wants to keep her head down and escape the violent secrets of her past.

But when Grace unwittingly gets between an assassin and his target, she becomes prey to Boston’s most ferocious legion of killers.

If finding a way out of the life-threatening mess she created isn’t hard enough, her unexpected encounters with Cain Carter prove even more unsettling.

Ruthless millionaire on the outside, sexy as hell in private, Cain is determined to make sure Grace survives her own secret power, as well as his.

When the Legion closes in and the power inside Grace threatens to tear her apart, Cain will have to sacrifice what he loves the most if he wants Grace to survive.

You can preorder the Shadows and Sorcery Boxset here. Over 20 dark and daring tales. Join the rebellion today!

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