Bright Wicked releases soon!

🧚‍♀It’s the first teaser for BRIGHT WICKED. Who wants to meet Nathaniel?🧚‍♀️

I’ve never come this close to touching a Fell, not skin on skin.

Shockwaves scatter through me as he continues to push against my sword arm and at the same time yanks my dagger arm forward, forcing me so close to him that my head spins.

I need to escape but it’s more than needing to survive.

He smells like burned caramel, a startling scent that dulls my senses and confuses my fighting instincts.

Curse the stars. He smells like comfort food. With a strong dash of bravery smothered in determination.

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Releasing April 10th, 2020!

BRIGHT WICKED is 17+ for heat level; clean language, fast-paced (not RH). 💜


One land divided into light and dark.
Two champions sworn to destroy each other.
Three days to break the spell… or die.

When fae rule the world, bright creatures roam the Earth.

Aura Lucidia is the brightest of the fae. The only fae who controls starlight, she is the Bright Queen’s champion.

But the Fell creatures who live in the shadows are rising up.

Nathaniel Shield is the fiercest of the dark ones. As the Fell King’s champion, he will risk everything to steal back the light that was stolen from the human race.

Even if it means stealing Aura.

Unravel the tangle of light and dark.
Blur the lines between loyalty and love.
Abandon caution.

Bright Wicked is a fast-paced tale of star-crossed lovers, sworn enemies, and wicked beauty. The first in the Bright Wicked series, a fae fantasy romance. Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Melissa Marr, and Holly Black.

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