First teaser for RADIANT FIERCE

I hope you’re staying safe and well right now. RADIANT FIERCE (Bright Wicked #2) is nearly finished and I’m excited to share the first teaser with you. This is a fae fantasy romance with a slow burn romance that heats up in this second book. 🔥

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“You could have rolled in the other direction,” Nathaniel says, a challenging statement of fact. “You didn’t have to roll into my arms.”

I snap forward again, my back pressed to his front, scowling into the cramped space. When the tables toppled, I could have darted toward my clothes and ended up outside the falling shelter, not plastered up against Nathaniel in nothing but my underwear.

A retort rests on my tongue but I inhale his scent before I can let my scorn loose.

Even sweaty and dirty, he smells like sex and heaven. In that order.


This is a full-length fae fantasy romance, the second in the Bright Wicked series.
Recommended reading age is 17+ for sex scenes and language.

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