Category: Books For Boys

These are my book recommendations for boys — from the fantastical to the heroic to the not-so-ordinary!

The Monster Maintenance Manual: A Spotter’s Guide by Peter Macinnis

The Monster Maintenance Manual

This monster manual describes all the common household monsters you might find in and around the house: monsters like Pool Sharks, Bucket Bogles, Piano Tunas, Aunt Eaters, and Moby Ducks. It includes the monster’s origins, size, its likes and dislikes, the monster it’s a threat to, unusual things about it, and even its uses (things like controlling infestations of other monsters). And, most importantly, how to spot one. My son’s favorite monster is the HairyOddity “because it’s cute, cool, and looks easy to train.”

Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey

Captain-Underpants.jpgIn Captain Underpants, George and Harold are two (supposed) trouble-makers who get into a lot of sticky situations, not always of their own making. They somehow manage to travel through time, beat talking toilets, acquire a pet pterodactyl, and are responsible for creating the world’s best superhero, Captain Underpants himself. Tra la laa!

With lots of illustrations and light-hearted humor, this series is excellent for reluctant readers.

The Thirteen-Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths

The-52-Storey-Treehouse.jpgI recommend this one for reluctant readers because there is no dense prose (but the text is neither basic nor boring).

The 13-Storey Treehouse is filled with unusual things, like a marshmallow machine, a bowling alley, and a swimming pool. Andy and Terry (the main characters) are writers who live in the treehouse and are supposed to be writing a book, but end up having all sorts of whacky adventures instead.

There is also a 26-Storey, 39 Storey, and 52 Storey Treehouse.

Sea Quest by Adam Blade

Sea-Quest.jpgThis is a great series by the author of the Beast Quest books. In Sea Quest, Max sets out on a new quest every four books, with a new and deadly robotic sea beast to battle. This series is great for boys who love sea creatures, robots, pirates, and magic all rolled into one.

Zac Power by H.I. Larry

Zac-Power.jpgZac Power is a spy. His mission is to stop the evil spy agency, BIG, using all sorts of cool spy gear.

These books are very easy to read with nice big print and self-contained plots so they can be read out of order. A really great first set of books for boys that they can read on their own once they’re comfortable with the basics of reading.