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There are so many amazing books for young adults that this list is only going to scratch the surface. Well, I can try.

By the Icy Wild is out now!

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I’m beyond excited to let you know that the third book in the Mortality series, By the Icy Wild, is out now. The third book follows Ava into the icy mountains of Starsgard where she faces new dangers and challenges – and also discovers the biggest secret of all.

Here’s a snippet from a scene with Snowboy, the boy Ava meets at the end of book two who has secrets of his own…

By the Icy Wild, Mortality series, Everly Frost, Beyond the Ever Reach, YA books

I’m planning to release the fourth and final book in the series, Before the Raging Lion, in August 2017.

In the meantime, you can read all three books for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Beyond the Ever Reach, Everly Frost, YA, science fiction, YA sci-fi, Mortality series, great books for teens, teen reads
Read Beyond the Ever Reach today!
Beneath the Guarding Stars, Everly Frost, YA, YA sci-fi, science fiction, Mortality series, great reads, great books, YA books, teen reads
Read Beneath the Guarding Stars today!
By the Icy Wild, Everly Frost, YA books, great reads, science fiction, YA sci-fi, teen reads
Read By the Icy Wild today!




Of Breakable Things by A. Lynden Rolland

R0000776This book. How can I describe it? Beautiful. Agonising. Uplifting. Hopeful and devastating at the same time.

Of Breakable Things by A. Lynden Rolland is one of the few books that actually made me cry. And yet I also found it comforting, like greeting an old friend, the kind you can sit with quietly, without needing to speak to be understood. It’s beautifully written from multiple points of view and has an otherworldly feel about it that completely drew me in and wouldn’t let me go.

I highly recommend this book. In a five star world, I would give it six stars if I could.

Legend by Marie Lu


I honestly didn’t think I’d ever rank a dystopian novel as highly as The Hunger Games, but this is it.

There. I said it. Legend by Marie Lu is full of action, intrigue, and most of all, two characters I’ve fallen in love with. And set in a possible future that is really not so far away from our present. If dystopian fiction is your thing, this is a must-read. If you’ve never read a dystopian young adult, this is a great place to start, but with a warning–not all dystopians will live up to this one.

(I’m secretly glad I’m late to this series, because now I don’t have to wait to read the other two books in the series: Prodigy and Champion.)

Ruth Warburton’s Witchfinder Series

Witch-Finder-by-Ruth-Warburton.jpgSet in London, in 1880, Ruth Warburton’s Witch Finder is the story of Luke Lexton, sworn to avenge the death of his parents at the hands of a witch. In order to become a Witch Hunter he must prove his loyalty by picking a witch to hunt down. That witch is Rosa Greenwood; sweet, but resilient, and very difficult to kill. Rosa’s forthcoming marriage to the awful Sebastian Knyvet is her family’s last hope to avoid bankruptcy. Naturally they’re drawn together.

This book has everything I love in a historical romance with magical battles thrown in. It’s told in alternative points of view and my hat off to Ms Warburton for creating two distinct and appealing voices. In the sequel, Witch Hunt, Luke and Rosa are on the run across England, both of them having failed their obligations in Witch Finder.