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My latest news and updates!

The Mortality series is complete! + 99c sale

Before the Raging LionThe final book in the Mortality series has now released! I want to say a massive and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has been so supportive. ? ? ❤️  When I started writing Mortality five years ago, I honestly didn’t know whether I’d get to finish this series. But here it is! Before the Raging Lion is out now and I don’t think it’s sunk in yet that I won’t be writing about Ava and Michael anymore. They’ve been a part of my life for years and it’s sort of like saying goodbye to good friends.❤️

To celebrate, Beyond the Ever Reach is 99c on Kindle (US and UK) until August 3rd ?

99c on Kindle US and UK

Update on Before the Raging Lion (Mortality #4)

I’ve been writing as fast as I can to finish the fourth and final book in the Mortality series – Before the Raging Lion. I’m hoping to have it up for preorder within the next few weeks so please keep an eye out for news about that.

Before the Raging Lion concludes the Mortality series, revealing all the secrets and Ava’s final battle – for her life.

Here’s an excerpt:

Before the Raging Lion by Everly Frost

By the Icy Wild is out now!

YA books, Everly Frost, Mortality series, great books, action-packed, science fiction, fantasy fiction, YA sci-fi, dystopian

I’m beyond excited to let you know that the third book in the Mortality series, By the Icy Wild, is out now. The third book follows Ava into the icy mountains of Starsgard where she faces new dangers and challenges – and also discovers the biggest secret of all.

Here’s a snippet from a scene with Snowboy, the boy Ava meets at the end of book two who has secrets of his own…

By the Icy Wild, Mortality series, Everly Frost, Beyond the Ever Reach, YA books

I’m planning to release the fourth and final book in the series, Before the Raging Lion, in August 2017.

In the meantime, you can read all three books for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Beyond the Ever Reach, Everly Frost, YA, science fiction, YA sci-fi, Mortality series, great books for teens, teen reads
Read Beyond the Ever Reach today!
Beneath the Guarding Stars, Everly Frost, YA, YA sci-fi, science fiction, Mortality series, great reads, great books, YA books, teen reads
Read Beneath the Guarding Stars today!
By the Icy Wild, Everly Frost, YA books, great reads, science fiction, YA sci-fi, teen reads
Read By the Icy Wild today!




Beneath the Guarding Stars release day + Beyond the Ever Reach is FREE on Kindle this weekend!

Beneath the Guarding Stars release day

Beneath the Guarding Stars (Mortality #2) has now released. The action and romance continue for Ava and Michael in the land of Starsgard ⭐⭐ For a while, I wasn’t sure when or how this book was going to be published, so seeing it out in the world is all sorts of emotions.?

A note: Beneath the Guarding Stars has a cliffhanger ending ? I’m almost finished the third book and I’ll get it out there as soon as I can. ?

Beyond the Ever Reach is FREE on Kindle this weekend

Beyond_the_ever_reach_360To celebrate the release of the second book, the first book in the series Beyond the Ever Reach (Mortality #1) is FREE on Kindle this weekend. But only from Friday November 4th to Sunday November 6th 2016 (pacific time). International peeps, please keep in mind the timezone differences and adjust for your timezone. Also, apparently there can be some system variations in start and finish times, so please get in quickly to avoid disappointment.

Goodreads Giveaway!

There’s also a Goodreads giveaway for one paperback copy of each of the books (US, CA, GB, AU) open for entries until November 30th, 2016.

The giveaway for Beyond the Ever Reach (Mortality #1) is here.

The giveaway for Beneath the Guarding Stars (Mortality #2) is here.

While you’re there, please add Mortality #3 and the final book, Mortality #4, to your Goodreads list.

Good luck and thank you!

Release Day for Beyond the Ever Reach… And cover reveal!

Beyond the Ever Reach, Everly Frost, YA, science fiction, YA sci-fi, Mortality series

When things changed for my books several months ago, I didn’t want to put them in a drawer and forget about them. But moving forward meant big changes. And so, my debut novel, previously published as Fear My Mortality, has become… Beyond the Ever Reach.

It’s out now on Kindle and in paperback.

The cover is designed by the very talented Zen Agency who were great to work with and also designed the cover for the sequel… Beneath the Guarding Stars. Which brings me to the cover reveal 😀

Beneath the Guarding Stars picks up right where we left Ava and Michael at the end of the first book…

In a world where nobody can be killed, one girl will change it all… Ava and Michael have fought their way to Starsgard, but crossing the border comes with a price and their home country is ravaged by fear and hatred of mortals. They soon discover that peace is an illusion and danger is closer than they feared.

And now to the cover reveal…




Beneath the Guarding Stars, Everly Frost, YA, YA sci-fi, science fiction, Mortality series


Beneath the Guarding Stars releases on November 18th and is available to pre-order now. Having said that, I’m going to see if I can release it earlier. Please sign up to my newsletter if you want to be the first to hear all the news.

My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who has been so supportive of my books and this change.

Everly Frost Newsletter

Beneath the Guarding Stars is coming soon

Hope is strong Beneath the Guarding Stars

Beneath the Guarding Stars, the sequel to Fear My Mortality, is coming soon. I’m hoping for an October release with specific date coming soon.

It continues Ava and Michael’s story from the moment we left them. Here’s a short excerpt…

Seth’s eyes and the set of his jawline and his hands told me that this moment wasn’t about dance—it was about whether or not I was accepted into a group that didn’t accept just anybody. He pulled me close to him in a final move that saw me leaning backward, one leg extended. My old dance teacher’s voice rang in my mind. “Perfect lines,” she’d sing with a clap of her hands—the closest she’d get to a compliment.

Except that this boy didn’t want me here, and his arms didn’t tingle with the energy of the only boy I trusted, and the last time I danced I was spiraling through a room full of covert operatives holding mortality weapons. I froze and my hesitation was all that Seth needed to lean in close, pressing me up against him, his mouth at my ear, a whisper on his lips. “I guess you do know how to dance.”

Fear My Mortality Blog Tour Roundup: Week Two

Fear My Mortality, Mortal Eternity, Everly Frost, YALit, young adult fiction, young adult science fiction

Many wonderful bloggers took part in the blog tour for my debut novel, Fear My Mortality. Here’s a roundup of the second and final week of the tour… And my gratitude to all the readers for being part of the tour with me!

Guest Posts

Kindle and Me – Ava’s playlist and a really insightful review of the book

Addicted Readers – Where I chat about the world-building

Novel Novice – A fun flash interview, including the song that can always get me dancing

Whatever You Can Still Betray – Another fun flash interview, this one about the story

Wishful Endings – Mortal among those with immortality and a great review.

Thinking to Inking – An interview including my advice to aspiring writers

Reviews this week

Book-Keeping – “SO UNIQUE and awe-inducing… READ THIS BOOK.”

The Page Unbound – “a gripping journey of life and death”

Between Books – “this book was fantastic, from the very beginning I was drawn by it.”

Mama Reads Hazel Sleeps – “completely different from most stories involving immortality”

The Young Folks – “Ava is an outcast in her society for many reasons. She’s afraid of death in society where it’s not supposed to be a big deal.”

Bookaholic Banter – “a thrill ride from beginning to end… The writing was easy to follow and flowed well.”




Fear My Mortality Blog Tour Roundup: Week One

Fear My Mortality, Mortal Eternity, Everly Frost, YALit, young adult fiction, young adult science fiction

I’m incredibly grateful to all the book bloggers, readers, and reviewers who are taking part in the blog tour for Fear My Mortality.

Presented by Month9Books and hosted by Chapter by Chapter, there is a full lineup in the tour schedule with a massive giveaway for five winners to receive an electronic copy of Fear My Mortality.

  • This week, I’ve had the opportunity to be a guest author at…

Rachel’s Book Reviews, who interviewed Michael Bradley, the love interest in Fear My Mortality

Once Upon a Twilight and the characteristics that all YA Heroines should possess

Two Chicks on Books with my top five favorite scenes from Fear My Mortality

BooksChatter – a really fabulous interview!

Cover2Cover and the Top Ten Benefits of Immortality

  • And there are wonderful reviews of Fear My Mortality on …

Star Crossed Reviews – “I enjoyed every single page of this book.”

Dark Faerie Tales – “Action packed adventure full of romance, suspense and an intriguing premise!”

Hidden Worlds Books – “A 5 star fantastic YA read, I can’t wait to read the sequel!”

Bibliobibuliya – “a fresh take on the alternative history plot” and “a creatively rendered plot that will leave you begging for the sequel.”

BookHounds YA – on Ava and Michael: they “connect and learn to trust each other in the best possible way. SWOON.”

  • And in addition, I was also separately interviewed by Swanky Seventeener, Jilly Gagnon. The Swanky Seventeens are debut authors whose first books will be released in 2017.

It’s been a thrilling week and I’m looking forward to the second week of the blog tour coming up!


Why I love writing about alternate worlds

My debut novel, Fear My Mortality, is set in an alternate world.

It’s a version of what the world might look like today if human beings were immortal from the beginning.

apple on a tree

Immortality changes the way the people in Fear My Mortality live their lives and what they believe and value. But with any variation of events, there are a thousand possible outcomes and so many different ways a world like that could operate.

I wanted to write a version of the world that looks a lot like our world today but with some distinct differences, the biggest ones being war and morality, with their technology not so far from ours.

And I wanted it to have a cracking pace 🙂

Some other alternate world books I’ve read and loved – or would love to read – are …

His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik;

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman; and

Graceling by Kristin Cashore.

His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman Graceling by Kristin Cashore


YA Scavenger Hunt

Thank you everyone who took part in the Spring 2016 YA Scavenger Hunt. I hope you had heaps of fun hunting!

I had a blast meeting new people and talking books. Thank you to all my new followers and everyone who helped spread the word about my YA sci-fi Fear My Mortality.

I’m always happy to hear from you, whether it’s a tweet or a facebook comment, or contacting me on my website’s contact form.

You are all aweseome!


As part of the hunt, I gave away a signed ARC of my YA sci-fi Fear My Mortality plus swag.

Fear My Mortality is set in an alternate world where everyone is invincible but one girl could change it all.

And the winner is … *throws confetti* …

a Rafflecopter giveaway