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Teen Book Club Questions for Beyond the Ever Reach

SPOILER ALERT: Some questions may contain spoilers!

1. Would you want to live in Ava’s world and why or why not?

2. What are the Basher’s motives and what similarities can you see to prejudice that exists in the real world?

3. Why do you think the people in Ava’s world reacted the way they did to finding out that Ava was mortal? What role does fear play in real world events? What can we do to overcome that?

4. In the scenes where Michael heals too fast, his strength has the potential to become a liability. Can you think of other situations where a perceived strength can be a weakness or where something that looks like a weakness can actually be a strength?

5. Why do you think Ava was able to forgive Michael for what he did? Have you ever had to forgive someone for a mistake that they made? Or have you ever made a mistake that meant you needed other people to forgive you? What happened?

6. Near the end of the book, Ava has to choose between her safety or her freedom. Have you ever faced a difficult choice? How did you make your decision?