#SixteensBlogAbout: Gratitude

Each and every day, I have many things to be grateful for. This week, I wanted to share seven days of gratitude.

On Saturday I was grateful for… my husband. I had a whole bunch of proofreading to do last weekend and he basically told me to take all the time I needed to get it done. He looked after the kids and the meals and kept everything sane around me.

On Sunday I was grateful for… my editor, who asked me to elaborate on a scene that made me see something in another scene, which I changed, just in time.

Candle Heart

On Monday I was grateful for… my beta readers, since I was cleaning out my inbox and came across a couple of really nice, encouraging emails that reminded me how much I appreciate what they do.

On Tuesday I was grateful for… my laptop, which lets me get writing done on the train to work, without which I would never find the time.

On Wednesday I was grateful for… my family, who have been so patient with me about responding to all sorts of things lately.

On Thursday I was grateful for… quiet moments, the kind where I can stop and take a moment to assess my priorities.

On Friday I was grateful for… my children and all their enthusiasm and joy that reminds me to appreciate the little things and to wonder at the beauty in the world.



  1. From your list, the quiet moments stuck out. I’ve been trying to be more mindful about not filling every space with noise–checking social media, turning on the TV or an audiobook for background sound. None of those are bad, but the quiet moments can be so refreshing.

    • Everly Frost says:

      Thank you Stephanie for your lovely comment. The quiet moments feel so rare to me these days that when they do happen I’ve been trying to teach myself a new habit of not filling them with electrical sights or sounds – just like you say. In our busy, so busy, lives I think it’s hard sometimes to prioritize moments like those. I hope you can find more quiet moments too! 🙂

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