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I had a really nice surprise the other day to be included in Millie Schmidt’s list of 10 blogs writers should be following by new and upcoming authors.

The list includes a bunch of talented authors and bloggers and what I really love about it is that I’ve now read posts by authors that I wouldn’t have found if not for this list.

Row of books, Thomas Bethge/

Like Michael Grey’s post on juggling writing, which led me to his post on the amazing military photographer Matthew Callahan like this one (which, as a Star Wars fan, I would just like to say wow).

And like Nate Philbrick’s post on the benefits of writing for introverts. As an introvert myself, I can definitely relate to that.

If you have a moment, please check out Millie Schmidt and her post on new and upcoming authors.


  1. Sweet!! Thank you so much !! 🙂 I actually hadn’t even read Nate’s: The Benefits Of Writing For Introverts yet, I have now! I think I might be a social introvert though as I love meeting new people, socializing, crowds and being in the thick of things, but I also like to hibernate every now and then too haha

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