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Birthday Wishes


It’s my birthday soon and there are a few things I’d really like:

1. A machine that creates an extra hour a day at the push of a button. And keeps me awake long enough to use it.

2. A sequel that will write itself. The plot is planned – I just need the words to appear on the page as fast as I can think them.

3. A perfect delete so that if I make a social media boo-boo, I can erase it out of existence.

4. (My grandmother taught me that a “few” means “three”, but I have a fourth): A robot to do all the housework.

5. And on behalf of my seven-year-old daughter: Clothes that grow with you, so you never grow out of your most-favoritest, most-beautifulest dress.

I know that none of those things is going to happen any time soon, so here are the things I’m grateful for:

1. The time I do have. To spend it with my husband, my kids and my family.

2. The chance to write a sequel and a wonderful publisher who has given me that chance.

3. That I will make mistakes and learn from them and try again tomorrow.

4. Um … no, I still want a robot to do the housework.

5. That my daughter is growing into a lovely young girl and even if she has to put aside her clothes as she grows out of them, that we are fortunate enough, unlike some who struggle to afford even the basic necessities, to be able to buy her a new, beautifulest dress.