Assassin’s Magic Series: Complete on Kindle Unlimited

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Assassin’s Magic 1
Everly Frost, Assassin's Magic, Assassin's Mask, fantasy fiction, urban fantasy, young adult books, YA
Assassin’s Magic 2: Assassin’s Mask
Everly Frost, Assassin's Menace, Shadows and Sorcery, Fantasy Fiction, Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Assassin’s Magic 3: Assassin’s Menace
Assassin's Magic, Everly Frost, Assassin's Maze, fantasy fiction, young adult fiction, YA fiction, YA books,
Assassin’s Magic 4: Assassin’s Maze

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Assassin's Academy, Everly Frost, Assassin's Magic
Assassin’s Academy: Book One: Rebels
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Assassin’s Academy: Book Two: Revenge
The Monster Ball, The Monster Ball Year 2, Monster Ball, Everly Frost, paranormal romance, YA romance, NA romance, romance books

Storm Princess Saga: complete on Kindle Unlimited

The Princess Must Strike, Everly Frost, Storm Princess Saga, Jaymin Eve, young adult fiction, YA, NA, new adult fiction, young adult, fantasy fiction
The Princess Must Strike
Storm Princess Saga #2
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The Princess Must Die
Storm Princess Saga #1
Storm Princess, Storm Princess Saga, Jaymin Eve, Everly Frost, Young adult fiction, Young adult books, fantasy fiction, YA, YAlit
The Princess Must Reign
Storm Princess Saga #3
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Mortality Series: complete on Kindle Unlimited

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Mortality Book Four
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Mortality Book One
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Mortality Book Two
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Mortality Book Three